Laura Thorne


"Some will say you are going the wrong way, when it is simply a way of your own"

SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... I am a creative person with a strong drive to make things better - individually, for businesses, and in the community. Having a background in arts and science shapes my view of the world and my approach to problem-solving. In all of my many endeavors, I always strive to do my best while helping others achieve their best. Links to all of my current services and projects are below.

Choose Your Adventure

Leadership Development and performance improvement

Leadership and strategy consulting for manufacturers

Full service editing, layout, and design for workbooks and journals

EPR produces interviews with environmental professionals weekly

Hey Alec Productions, LLC. supports arts and culture in Tier 2 Cities

Career Coaching services specifically for green career seekers

Portraits, products, merch, and lessons

Author of several workbooks and journals. Role Model Way coming soon