Consulting, Coaching, and Technical Services

I am both a visionary and an actionary. Decades of building, managing, and creating programs using a variety of technical skills has provided me with a unique toolset.

Leadership, Personal Development, and Strategy Training

Online and in-person workshops​

Online courses


Leadership and career coaching

Custom training and facilitation

Coaching & Consulting

First 90 Days Group Coaching for new hires

360 Exec Coaching

Strategic facilitation

Business & program evaluations

Program development/revamp

Professional Services

Meeting facilitation (brainstorming, Innovation challenges, focus groups, strategic planning)

Website evaluations

Website updates

New program development

Exising program refresh


Improved Culture

Better Results

Bigger Impacts

Higher Employee Retention

More Customer Satisfaction

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Why work with me?

  • Project Management Certified

  • Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt

  • Career Coach Certified

  • The success of my clients is #1 and I try to empower everyone I work with, if you don't have the tools you need, we'll make them!

  • Business theory trained, real world experienced - I've worked with the best and the worst - which helps to share with you not only what to do but also what not to do

  • I've helped many entrepreneurs get started

  • I've helped many small to mid-size organizations improve performance

  • I've helped many women gain confidence in their careers

  • I've coached many to develop written career plans

  • The Role Model Way!™ System gives me an organized approach to working with clients and is a competitive advantage for you